School the World: From Journey to Selfie-ish

December 7, 2017

2 Videos. 2 Awards. 1 Amazing Journey.

School the World has truly been a passion project for the team here at Brand Content. Over the past year and a half, we’ve helped create two inspirational and moving programs that showcase all the good that School the World does by “transforming the lives of thousands of children living in the developing world;” furthering their mission “to give every child access to quality education.” We are honored to work with School the World and help share this message. 

Last year, the video we helped create, Journey, brought home an award at Hatch and was the first runner up for the 2017 DoGooder award. Many Brand Content team members we able to travel and work on site in Guatemala. They saw first hand the struggles students in developing countries face when trying to get an education. The team members here at Brand Content were able to witness the importance of the work School the World is doing and how they are helping to ease the difficulties that many students face. 

Click here to watch the video.

School the World relies on donations, and looked to Brand Content to help spread the word about what they do and how important it is. In order to get people to care about this non-profit, and give money, we needed to connect emotionally with the audience. The Journey video did just that; documenting the 2.5-hour walk one boy makes to school every day in Guatemala.

The main goal of this campaign was to drive awareness and increase donations. In the end, we helped exceed their donation goal and increase their donor base by 201%. As a result of this 8-month promotion, enough funds were obtained to build 4 schools and 2 playgrounds. Being able to create a campaign that would make a positive difference in a child’s life was, in fact, life changing for us as well. It was amazing to see how we were able to affect the lives of these children with the help of School the World’s platform.

Which brings us to this year’s award winning video, Selfie-ish. We created a social campaign that aimed to recruit high school students to raise donations and volunteer for service trips during their spring breaks.

Click here to watch the video.

This final stage of the campaign was very action oriented. We called on high school students to volunteer and raise funds to help these children in Guatemala. The idea behind Selfie-ish focused on changing high school students’ views about themselves and how they can affect the world around them. Instead of spending their breaks on vacation, they were shown that they could help hundreds of children by raising money and building schools or playgrounds in Guatemala.

Not only were we able to improve the lives of Guatemalan children by helping School the World, but also we were able to influence young students in America. Through innovative video content, we were able to increase awareness for the program and help further the mission cultivated by the School the World team. This hands on experience has been one of our favorite projects to date.