Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Does Brand Content specialize in branded content? 

A: You would think so, wouldn’t you. But no, we’re actually a traditional, integrated agency. (Only better) Our original name intent was to telegraph that we believe a company’s brand is their critical core, and that everything we do around the brand (content) is monumentally important to their success.

Q: How long has Brand Content been around?

A: The agency started in 2002, so we are old enough to know the rules, young enough to still try breaking them from time to time.

Q: Does Brand Content specialize in TV or digital or social or print?

A: Yes. What we mean is, we’re integrated. The reality is not too many clients are spending money on print anymore, but we’ll still dust off our typewriters if you need it.

Q: What size are your clients?

A: It varies. Some clients are worth billions (Keurig). Some are global (Monster). Some are international (Just Shorn), national (Heluva Good! Dips) and regional (HP Hood). And some are local or startups or charities that we believe in enough to dedicate the same passion to them as we do to all our clients.

Q: If I’m looking for an advertising agency in Boston, why Brand Content? Put another way, what is the criteria by which I should judge an ad agency? Is it Size? Location? Awards? Results?

A: We ask a different question: Will your agency provide a creative perspective on your business, or just create ads? Will they look at your challenges differently than you do and unearth insights from a new point of view? Will they be a partner in your business, or a vendor who executes?

We have found our most successful clients are the ones who are looking for a partner, for insight and perspective. Because if we can provide that to our clients, we can easily do the communications work that builds their business, wins recognition and grows market share. When given the opportunity to engage on that level, we have built a solid track record of game changing, award winning work.

Q: When I google Boston Ad agencies, I found you guys near the top. Why is that?

A: Well, our SEO guy gave us this long list of keywords that people use when they are googling, and apparently, just by including those in our copy, that helps. Weird, right? Anyway, don’t tell anyone, but here’s the list:

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