Project Manager

Account Service


The Project Manager is responsible for assisting with creative workflow, ensuring consistency with the Agency's quality standards, budget, timetable, and client expectations. The PM must demonstrate strong leadership & oversight, excellent internal communications and the ability to
motivate a diverse group of team members to complete projects with flawless execution.


Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

• Guides creative concepting & production process across all agency functions; integrates & brings all necessary resources to bear across all Agency teams and any external partners (particularly with production heavy client work)
• Pro-actively drives & increases efficiency of process wherever possible
• Seeks out & understands new technologies for both internal operations & clients’ operations
• QAs & proofreads all work against the change order and/or brief before it is presented to Account team and/or Client team; acts as that “last line of defense”
• Develops & reviews schedules and project plan information in partnership with Creative & Account teams to set clear path for projects
• Manages and engages with a deep pool of “go-to”, at-the-ready talented agency production partners that can be called upon to assist in specialized, flawless execution of programs (across all channels)
• Operates seamlessly with Account Team to “divide & conquer” the agency workload - able to step in with a degree of knowledge on every project, even ones not directly responsible for managing

Performance Expectations:

• High volume performer: can handle a large workload of projects while never forgetting to “fly the plane”; strong ability to organize and work on multiple tasks simultaneously
• Solutions-provider; when faced with a problem or challenge, brings options for possible solutions to Creative & Account teams
• Hyper attention to detail; takes pride in flawless execution & workmanship
• Adaptable & Flexible: able to easily & fluidly change course with a creative, strategic or client-directed change
• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
• Balances asking the tough, necessary questions with finding agreement & building consensus
• A Team Player: ability to build and maintain strong, positive working relationships
• Minimum of a Bachelors degree or equivalent business experience preferred
• 3+ years industry experience in a Project Management role at an agency with multi-channel experience (digital, broadcast, print, social, experiential, etc.) preferred.


Please contact us at hr@brandcontent.com in regards to this opportunity