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is an ad agency.

Since this is not 1992, that doesn’t mean we only make TV spots or newspaper ads. Also, since it’s not 2092, we are not claiming to have discovered the model for the future of ad agencies. Besides, in 2092, we will be too distracted by flying cars for any kind of advertising. For the love of god, flying cars have to be here by then, right?

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We know what employers and seekers are up against. It's a tough job, with long hours and not much credit. (Sounds like being an advertising AE, actually). Our work helps the viewer know that we know them. And in turn, they can rely on Monster.

Before we unveil an integrated campaign in 2014 we wanted to open the dialogue with customers to learn more via social listening. These social and digital efforts have gained insight and helped shape the upcoming campaign launch.

The case study for Keurig takes about an hour and is one any great agency would love to tell. The tease: How do you take a business from zero to 4.5 billion in sales in seven years?

In a sports-crazed town like Boston, it's tough for women's soccer to compete with the other teams. So instead of making it all about the players, we made it about the opportunity to spend some time together — with your daughter.

If you run a small business, you know marketing can be a time-consuming hassle. If you know Constant Contact, you know they can help you take care if it.

When the New Zealand sheep farmers came to us, they didn't have a name, a brand or marketing. Today, they have all of those things, and more importantly, they have distribution and traction with American retailers.

We created and built this site and all its social media components seemingly in the service of drinking. But this is also a component part of our social listening and analytical prowess. You can learn a lot just by buying someone a beer.

Birthday Wishes – A charitable organization that throws birthday parties for homeless kids. Who says no to that? While their board works on large donations, we wanted to create a charitable lane for everyone, thus this inventive site and effort.

What we learned: Owners will go to great lengths to protect their horses. Not just on the outside, but more importantly on the inside. What we found: striking the right chord with this consumer will help get a product on the map.

When your agency excels at innovative thinking you end up working with some very smart clients in the innovation space. Diageo develops new beverage ideas and brings dozens to life every year. We get to help with that.

A small, New England-based company that makes custom-made guitars. It's an American dream story waiting to be told. So we started to tell it.

What do you do when robotic geniuses create the first ever robotic vacuum? You tell the world not to fear robots but embrace them. That approach helped sell close to 1.5 million robotic vacuums in 18 months. And created an industry.

When you're deciding where to buy a car, Dealer Rater can let you know what other people think of local car dealers. The key was to build awareness so people knew where to turn when they were in the market.

A quiet, elite film festival on a small island, transformed into a key stop on the film festival circuit. We rebranded, expanded and evolved the event and saw some things no one ever expected to witness (all good, of course).

Awareness work for a local foundation that helps city kids from Dorchester get the tutoring and mentorship they need to get into better high-schools and colleges.



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